Branding and marketing can feel overwhelming and complex. So much is possible but where to begin and where to end?

In our many years of experience with local and global brands we have developed a framework that summarizes the complexity of all marketing efforts in one clear model. This enables us to offer a structured approach to help your brand grow.


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We have a three-step program to building a brand. We start by defining the essence. Who are you and what do you stand for? The answers are formulated on one page so you can see them at a glance. Now the foundation is in place, we can start translating it into words and images. This results in the brand identity. When creating the expressions in the third step, this brand identity comes in handy. Now everyone, from web designers to animators, has the same building blocks to create a lasting impression.


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The first and most important step in brand building is knowing what your brand stands for. What is your vision and mission, who are your main competitors and ideal customers and why should they choose your brand over all others? In addition to our personally supervised programs, we also offer a brand essence program that you can use yourself. You will receive a workbook and digital framework with video content to guide you through the topics. It helps you to formulate your brand essence on one page. In a strategy call we give you feedback and when it is final it will be sent to you as a beautifully printed document. Now you stay focused while working on your your mission.


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