Process Brand & Demand

During our process of simultaneously developing Brand & Demand at OneFit we found that when asked, the founders had a clear and sustainable mission for the company: To make the whole planet fitter through a more enjoyable workout solution.

However when we looked at the company from the outside in, it looked like a generic fitness company ready to take some margins from small fitness studio’s through somewhat sleazy online marketing techniques. We also saw that 70% of the new subscribers came from existing subscribers telling their friends to join, whereas only 1% of the entire marketing budget was allocated to this channel.

We now have all the assets and processes we need to quickly launch in a new city

Camille Richardson - Founder & CPO OneFit

For OneFit we managed to re-create their brand which resulted in a new brand-guide, a new website design but also a new process for developing campaigns and supplyside photography and videography. This gave a big boost to the look and feel of the company but also provided the marketing team with much better creative assets for their campaigns which resulted in campaign waves that included 800% increase in visitor-to-lead conversion. Finally we developed a toolkit for launching OneFit in new cities. The focal point of the toolkit was a pop-up gym which was first launched in Rotterdam.