Let’s get to know each other

With over fifteen years of hands-on experience creating and consulting global and local brands, Mark Rooker co-founded Wellwood. Together with a network of creative professionals, he helps entrepreneurs and changemakers define and pursue their mission.

If you want to capture the story of an entire company in one image, such as a logo, the company must have a very good idea of ​​what it stands for. Only then can they can collectively judge whether it has been correctly translated into the image. If not, the creative process will be a random set of choices based on the mood of the day and the personal taste and opinion of the participants. The result will be confusing for the organisation and audience.

That’s why over the years, we’ve streamlined the process of blending strategy and creativity into frameworks, programs, and consulting — all with the goal of creating breakthrough change and fulfillment through building compelling brands.

Enough about us. Now let’s talk about you. Who are you? What are you desires and challenges? Contact us and see how we can help.

Mail us: info@wellwood.nl