Process Brand & Demand

Naïf just celebrated its fifth anniversary and new funding. Time to refocus on sustainable growth.

Wellwood was asked to create one cohesive story that could be consistently told. A ‘big idea’ that connects all the dots and make a clear impression in all media. So we went back to the essence of the brand and found out that Naïf truly wants to change the world of cosmetics by producing the most natural skin care products in the world.

Naïf wants people to see the world through the eyes of a child. Unprejudiced, open and honest without being misled. That was enough to decide on making it as simple, human and honest as possible. No advertising slogans, just the promise of natural skincare and humanising the product by literary giving it a face by applying the letter ‘Ï’.

A big idea is what they wanted, a small idea is what they got. We just digged deep to the essence of the brand and pointed out an existing icon that says it all. Naïf shared the same insight to keep it honest and simple, but dared to go all the way. Meaning, leaving out their current pay-off  and redesign all their packaging. Not without succes. Albert Heyn and Etos, one of the largest and most famous Dutch supermarket chains, decided on selling them to their clients.

The strategy to create awareness was by closing the gap between the brand and the product to trigger both emotional and rational recognition. By showing short animations on television supported by progressive quotes online and on digital out of home media, customers were prepared to buy.


Difficult words don't protect your skin

Jochem Hes & Sjoerd Trompetter