In times of change you find your true direction

Do you need to align your company with the fast changing world around you? Do you need clarity to see where to go next? Is your brand ready for a transformation?

We collaborate with young companies willing to scale up. By using their brand as a compass we contribute to their success. With a network of professionals we focus on a select number of projects and consider ourselves partners for the long term. We like to share the true stories of the companies we work with because we know meaningful brands lead.


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Meaningful brands lead

Brands can help companies and clients to make the right decisions.

We work for many young brands that want to break through. We can make them more beautiful, tastier, visible and cooler. But that only works if the company really fits these looks. It must be true. We therefore go deeper. We fire razor-sharp questions, solve complexity with simplicity and contradictions are eliminated by logic. What remains is the true story. We don’t just go for more, bigger or faster. We mainly go for the brands that want to grow better. Who deserve attention because their customers deserve it. We are happy to make a difference for all those ‘change makers’.


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Who are you and what do you stand for? We start by defining the essence of your brand. The answers are formulated on one page so you can see them at a glance. Now the foundation is in place, we can start translating it into words and images. This results in the brand identity. When creating the expressions in the third step, this brand identity comes in handy. Now everyone, from web designers to animators, has the same building blocks to create a lasting impression.


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We are grateful to work with many young and ambitious brands. Being a part of their journey gives us the opportunity to apply our expertise and in the meantime learn from them and their industry. Read about their unique stories in our cases section.


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